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Developer's note: Once the game had entered the beta stage, this alpha version became outdated as it did not contain all the updates that the game has received, which could compromise the player's experience. In order to play the current version with all the improvements, you can get it on Steam clicking in the link below.


Hello everybody!

I'm very happy to announce that the Alpha Version
of Raccoo Venture is now available for download.

Don't forget to drop your comment telling what
you've thought about the game. (It's very important)

Please share with your friends to help the project
and add to your Steam Wishlist.

Hope you enjoy!


About this game

Raccoo Venture is a 3D platform adventure game that brings a playful atmosphere, inspired by the golden classics games from 90's.

Discover your true destiny through a journey full of magic and secrets. Save Verta's Harmony and prevent chaos from returning to the land. But be careful! Many puzzles and enemies will cross your path.

Raccoo Venture is a game to enjoy with your friends and the whole family.

Everything is Balance!

In the beginning, the world was made of chaos. Creatures born from nature's disturb dominated the whole land of Verta and fed of disorder.
Then came the Guardians, who united their powers and created a sacred relic, so powerful that it was able to contain the unpredictable forces of chaos, bringing balance to the world. The creatures were contained, Verta became fertile and all animals could live in harmony.

This relic was made by equal fractions of goodness and wickedness, and to not fall into the evil hands, the Guardians divided it into small pieces and hid it in the middle of the forest. From this day on we have never heard about the Guardians again and they have become a legend.

Years later, creatures known as Tattooed Tatus have found the relic and the balance of the world now is in great danger.

Only the sole heir from the power of the Guardians is able to prevent that from happening.

Raccoo Venture - PC game

One outfit for every occasion!

Leave things your own way. Collect memorable Special Outfits that will give new looks and customize our esteemed hero.
Find answers to the mysteries on your path, expanding new horizons in this magical land.

Raccoo Venture - Skins

Magic everywhere

An ancestral tribe, named Visgo Vesgo, spread many of its magical items throughout Verta. They say that some of them are too hidden that it would take centuries to be found. Little is known about the reasons for being there and their true powers.

Raccoo Venture - PC Game

It's better with gamepad!

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I like it!


This game is great, really nice cartoonish style. Totally reminds me of all those classic N64 adventure games. Didn't find anything frustrating, really enjoyed it. Thanks!


Played your game on my channel. Love what you've got going here. Followed on steam and looking forward to the full release. Movement "felt" a little blocky or chunky and with only a ground pound as a move dealing with enemies would get a little boring but the overall art and level design or beautiful and kept me playing!


This is out on steam now, just letting people know! great game! 😀


Here's part 2!


Had a blast! Potential for a real 3d masterpiece inspired by a classic 3D Platforming era here!


Well this game is an absolute delight. An adorable character, a fun setting, tight controls (though I would argue the butt stomp is simultaneously a bit too heavy and requires too precise aiming, since I kept slamming down right IN FRONT of an enemy and then getting hurt), and just an all around great time. Can't wait to see a full release.

I did run into a hilarious bug or two, particularly with the Boss, but I'll let you discover that on your own if you ever watch this video.

I also somehow ended up wih a 91% clear rate despite 100%'ing both of the available levels after the tutorial level, and I CANNOT for the life of me figure out what I am missing and it's driving me nuts.

But still - I love the game. Please keep it up.

Lovely looking game, thinking of doing a stream one day soon, how long roughly will the demo take?

Yo I always like seeing more mascot platformers since they went away for a long time. One big thing I always look for in a platformer is if it feels good to jump, big reason I didn't like Yooka-Laylee. Your ground pound looks and sounds good, but I feel your jump could be better. Mario has a very particular arm raised leg raised animation to sell his jump after he's in the air, but you probably don't want to change the animation on the jump at this point. If you added a larger puff of smoke and trailing smoke trail from the initial jump point it might be easier to implement to sell the jump more, this is what A Hat In Time does and it works despite the jump not being that high vertically.

If you end up changing the animation, Skylar and Plux has another really good jump that is mostly sold by the character's body changing shape from pure vertical during the jump to floating outward limbs at the peak.

I look forward to your eventual full release!

Hi Horatio_svetlana!
That's a great feedback, thank you so much.
I will check all these references you pointed and see what I could do to improve the game.
Thanks for playing and share with your friends to support the game, if it's possible.
My best wishes.

It's wonderful! I really enjoyed playing it. It is a great 3D platform game, which is my favorite  genre. I suggest working a little bit more in the character's movement to feel it a little bit better. The level desing is very well done, and I really enjoyed the music, but about the last level on the alpha's music, I guess it doesn't fit the enviorment, so it might be good to change that.

Talking about movement and enemie's hitbox, well, I got stuck between a rock and an enemy when I tried to stomp on him and had to restart the level. Check it xD

I add a screenshot.

That's it. I'll share it with friends to see what they think about. 

Good wishes to you. I hope to see it on steam soon!

Hi DynoreX_03! Thank you so much for the feedback!
I will check it for sure! Hope you had enjoyed the game even so.
My best wishes.

Hi dude!
I believe I fixed that bug of get stuck after the ground pound on an enemy.
If you have some time, please test it, and if the problem occurs again, please let me know!
My best wishes.
Thank you

Gostei muito do jogo, muito bom ver esse tipo de jogo aparecendo e principalmente vindo do Brasil. Unica reclamação é sobre os controles, eu não veria nenhuma necessidade de colocar o aviso de "Recomendado com um controle" se o botão de interação não fosse em um lugar tão complicado como o ctrl. O ideal seria deixar o jogador escolher (Eu colocaria na mão direita, enter, shift-direito provavelmente). Como o jogo também não tem outros botões, você pode simplesmente espalhar vários binds e deixar o jogador encontrar o que for mais intuitivo pra ele (da mesma forma que um jogador vai intuitivamente para o WASD ou as setas).

Olá Edmar, muito obrigado pelo seu feedback. Muito interessante sua colocação. Você teria sugestões de como poderia ficar melhor os controles no teclado? Ficaria grato em poder melhorar isso.
Um grande abraço.

Bem, primeiramente  movimento com WASD e pulo no espaço é perfeito, acho que a maioria das pessoas que jogam no PC espera esse tipo de controle. O problema é o botão de interação que está no ctrl e é bem desconfortável de apertar, e eu por exemplo toda hora apertava shift sem querer. O ideal seria algum botão para a mão direita, e uma solução fácil seria simplesmente aceitar o ctrl direito também. Mas alguns teclados não tem essa tecla, acho que o enter seria uma boa opção também. O click do mouse também é uma possibilidade, mesmo o jogo não usando o mouse. Mas o melhor é deixar o jogador mudar essa tecla, tenho certeza que cada um encontraria uma tecla confortável.

very nice game!